Thoughts From Our Pastors

We are blessed to be affiliated with these wonderful parishes and pastors:

Fr. Brendan Buckley
St. Michael-St. Malachy

Rev. Fr. William Chacon
St. Rita

Catholic education aims to form children and young people in the highest Christian values so that they love God, above all things, and their neighbor as Christ teaches us in the Gospel. In this way, we prepare them to fulfill their mission in the world, serving in society and in building the Kingdom of God.

It is a privilege to be formed in our Catholic schools and to live as authentic children of God, which is our greatest wealth. For every education to be healthy, timely, adequate, and correct, it must have its principles based on the Divine law that has been revealed to us in Christ and manifested by God’s mercy, in various ways.

We invite parents to enroll their beloved children in our Salve Regina Academy and we are committed to collaborating in the best education for them.

Rev. Father William Chacon
St. Rita’s RC Church

La educación Católica pretende formar a los niños y jovenes en los mas altos valores humanos cristianos para que amen a Dios sobre todas las cosas y al prójimo como Cristo nos enseña en el Evangelio. De esta forma, los preparamos para que cumplan su misión en el mundo, sirviendo en la sociedad y en la edificación del Reino de Dios.

Es un privilegio formarse en nuestras escuelas católicas para vivir como auténticos hijos de Dios, que es nuestra mayor riqueza. Toda educación para que sea sana, oportuna, adecuada y correcta, debe tener sus principios fundamentados en la ley Divina que se nos ha revelado en Cristo y manifestado por misericordia de Dios, de diversas maneras.

Invitamos a los padres de familia a inscribir a sus queridos hijos en nuestra Academia Salve Regina y nosotros nos comprometemos a colaborar en la mejor educación para ellos.

Rev. Padre William Chacón
Iglesia Sta. Rita

Fr. Edward Mason
Mary Mother of the Church

Fr. Edward Mason

As a former Catholic School student (grades 1-12) and former Catholic School teacher, I know first hand the importance and benefits of a Catholic School Education.

Learning in a nurturing and caring environment is very important to a young child’s educational and personal development. Catholic Schools do this better than any others. Religious values and beliefs along with dedicated teachers make Catholic Schools a unique opportunity for our children.

I urge all families to please consider sending your child to Salve Regina Academy. Come visit the school. Talk with me or your own Pastor and see if it is possible for your children

Fr. Edward Mason
Pastor, Mary Mother of the Church

Fr. Vincent Sullivan, SJ
Our Lady of Presentation-Mercy

Fr. Vincent Sullivan

I owe my education and much of my faith life to the Catholic Schools I attended at the elementary, high school and college levels. As a Jesuit, I appreciate the importance of a good education as well as faith development.

All at Salve Regina work to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and values to prepare our young people for life in a challenging world.

Fr. Vincent Sullivan, SJ
Pastor, Our Lady of Presentation-Mercy