Dear Families,

Here are the latest updates…


Third Trimester Progress Reports

Third Trimester Progress Reports are slowly becoming available on the Option C Parent Portal.  Please check to see if you can view your child’s Third Trimester Progress Report.  If it is still not available, please wait until tomorrow morning at 8 am where all progress reports are guaranteed to be displayed.   If you still need access to your account, please email Ms. Donato.  


21st Century and SONYC Remote Learning Schedules

Please click the links below to see the 21st Century and the SONYC Remote Learning Schedules.  If there are any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Cano at

21st Century Daily Remote Activity Schedule

SONYC Remote Learning Schedule


Face Masks

As you may know, all New Yorkers ages 2 years old and older are required to wear face coverings while in public and in situation were six feet of physical distancing cannot be observed. To ensure that everyone is protected, New York City is giving away free masks in parks across the boroughs from now until Tuesday, May 12, 2020. 

To find a park closest to you where masks are being distributed, click the link below.

For seniors and people with physical disabilities, mask can be requested by emailing

Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance


Let’s end this week in prayer…

Teach me, my Lord, to be sweet and gentle in all the events of my life,

in disappointments, in the thoughtlessness of others,

in the insincerity of those I trusted,

in the unfaithfulness of those on whom I relied.

Let me forget myself so that I may enjoy the happiness of others.

Let me always hide my little pains and heartaches,

so that I may be the only one to suffer from them.

Teach me to profit by the suffering that comes across my path.

Let me so use it that it may mellow me,

not harden or embitter me;

that it may make me patient, not irritable;

that it may make me broad in my forgiveness,

not narrow or proud or overbearing.

May no one be less good for having come within my influence;

no one less pure, less true, less kind, less noble,

for having been a fellow traveler with me on our journey towards eternal life.

As I meet with one cross after another,

let me whisper a word of love to You.

May my life be lived in the supernatural,

full of power for good, and strong in its purpose of sanctity.



Continued prayer of safety and health!