Dear Families,


We have finished our first week of live instruction.  Thank you for making sure your child participated in live instruction.  Your help and guidance is truly appreciated. Below are a few protocols to keep in mind while your child is participating in live instruction.

  1. Students MUST have their camera on. If they do not want to show their face then please point the camera to the left or right side of them and they can show they are still participating by showing their hand to the teacher.  This allows teachers to see they are participating, ask them questions, and fully be involved in instruction and not fooling around.


  1. Be Aware of Your Surroundings! These sessions are being recorded and posted so students can refer to the lessons being taught if needed.  Please be aware of who or what is behind you while your child is “On-the-Air”.  Students need to make sure
    1. They are in a place in their home where they are READY TO WORK. They should NOT be in bed and in their pajamas. 
    2. Students MUST be dressed appropriately. (No tank tops, revealing shirts, etc.)
    3. Students should NOT be eating a full meal where everyone can see. This hinders your child to fully participate in their learning because their focus is not fully on what is being taught.


Please remember that even though we are distance learning these guidelines need to be followed to ensure the success for all.  In a normal school setting, we would not allow our students to come to school dressed inappropriately and eating during instruction.  We are trying to have some semblance of normal teaching in these trying times and it would be greatly appreciated if these protocols are followed.  Any concerns, please feel free to email me at


Continued prayers of safety and health!