Parents and Students

salve-regina-catholic-academy-handbookStudent/Parent Handbook
The Academy Handbook includes our academy’s registration requirements; policies and procedures; drop-off and pick-up information; tuition and fee details; uniform details; and all other essential information for our students and parents. Every year an addendum would be published that would that expresses updates to our policies and procedures.

Parish Participation
Parents are the primary educators of their children. It is imperative that parents instill the importance of faith by way of their participation in the lives of our parishes.

Catholic Identity
Salve Regina Catholic Academy is, first and foremost, a Catholic school. By choosing to enroll your child at SRCA, it is understood that they are required to participate in all prayers and religious activities. Students are required to attend mass, but may only participate in the sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation if they have received the appropriate sacrament of initiation.

We foster a climate of respect for all religions practiced by the families of Salve Regina Catholic Academy, and we expect the proper respect of our academy’s Catholic identity to be shown by all students through participation in the required religious exercises noted above.