New York State Test Scores

We are very excited to be the recipients of a grant from the DeSales Media Group and have been given 75 Ipads for use in our classrooms. This is going to greatly benefit our educational program moving forward.  We know that we have work to do in our academic program.  But, New York State test scores are only one piece of a large puzzle that constitutes our student body and their various needs.  Some students far exceed the State and others are limited use of the English language.  All student’s scores are reflected in who we are, however, we do anticipate that the gift of the Ipads will strengthen our programs leading to more success on the standardized scores by which we are measured.  Below you will see a snapshot on how our students rated.  We continue to grow in most areas.  We also understand that sometimes, scores do not adequately represent who are students are.  

Click on the link below to see the 2018-2019 State Tests Scores.

2018-2019 NYS Test Scores