Ms. Pinto’s Weekly Letter to Parents

June 8 -12, 2020

Hello Salve Regina Community,

I hope everyone has had a refreshing weekend and had a chance to practice some sort of self-care for you and your families.

All over our country many of our fellow American citizens have been advocating through hosting protests for the rights of George Floyd and many other victims that have lost their lives due to racial biases. In last weeks letter, I urged all of you to reflect on the best ways to provide spaces of understanding and healing for our students who may feel confused or deeply impacted. As a community we most educate one another as we take time to reflect on what is taking place throughout the country. 

Here are a few resources below that can assist with interacting with children as well as your own families:

Children’s Books:


Adult Reads:





Peggy Pinto

PDHP – School Counselor