Important Things to Remember for Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Good morning SRCA Family,


Thank you to all parents and students who began last week.  The arrival and dismissal procedures went very smooth and that was due in part to your help by preparing your child each morning for school!!  To continue to ensure we are staying safe and following the proper protocols, please read and follow the procedures below. 


  • Arrival
    • Continue to send in the signed affirmation form (daily health screening) with your child every day. They will NOT be allowed in the classroom without the signed form.  Extra forms were given to your child on their first day of school.  Forms can be found on the school website.


  • Dismissal
    • When picking up your child, please do not stand by the door where your child is getting picked up. This is prohibiting the teacher and students to remain socially distanced when they are outside.
    • Do not enter the building and grab your child off the line. Please allow the teachers to follow the dismissal protocols we have set in place for your child’s safety.


  • Snacks
    • Since we have changed our dismissal time to 1:30 pm every day, you child will have an opportunity to have a snack during the day. It is a light snack and not a full lunch.  The following snacks are NOT allowed.
      • NO candy, gum, popcorn, and soda
      • NO sugary drinks or juices for grades 4-8.
    • Students should be in a water bottle since the water fountains are closed for safety reasons.
    • During gym days, students should bring in an extra water bottle and/or a Gatorade or Vitamin water.


Any concerns, please let me know!


Enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day!

Ms. Donato