History of Salve Regina Catholic Academy

Formerly St. Michael’s High School, St. Michael’s Elementary, Robert F. Kennedy Incentive Program, St. John Neumann Elementary, St. Malachy, St. John Cantius, St. Fortunata and St. Rita’s Catholic Schools

  • September 1864: A primitive school, consisting of two large rooms in a two-story frame building, opened.
  • February 1868: Construction of the first grammar school building began.
  • August 1872: The first community of Dominican Sisters arrived at St. Michael’s to teach.
  • June 1898: Cornerstone laid for the school building on the corner of Warwick Street and Liberty Avenue.
  • August 1909: Cornerstone blessed for the “Boys” School built on Warwick Street, next to the corner school.
  • September 1941: The Boys Grammar School building became a two-year Commercial High School for Girls.
  • January 1956: Opening of the new Commercial High School building on the corner of Jerome Street and Liberty Avenue.
  • August 1976: St. Michael’s High School closes.
  • September 1976: St. Michael’s Elementary School moves in to the high School building on Jerome Street.
  • September 1979: St. Michael’s Elementary School and St. Malachy’s Elementary School become the consolidated school of St. John Neumann.
  • September 1980: The Robert F. Kennedy Incentive Program, a Diocesan Junior High, is opened in the old high school building on Warwick Street as a program with the school of St. John Neumann.
  • August 1995: The Robert F. Kennedy Incentive Program is moved to another Parish due to need for additional space at St. Michael’s Parish.
  • September 1996: St. Michael’s Elementary School re-opens.
  • June 2010: St. Rita’s Elementary School closes and merges with St. Michael
  • June 2011: St. Michael’s Elementary school closes.
  • September 2011: Salve Regina Catholic Academy opens and uses the two buildings (625 Liberty Ave. and 237 Jerome St.) as its home. The Academy is the result of the merging with St. Rita’s, St. Michael’s and St. Sylvester’s elementary schools. It is aligned with the parishes of St. Rita, St. Michael-St. Malachy, St. Fortunata, Our Lady of Presentation/Mercy and Mary, Mother of the Church.