Catholic Identity

Salve Regina Catholic Academy studentsWorship and Service
In accordance with our mission statement, we strive to help students develop a personal relationship with God and a commitment to serving others. Our students participate in school wide community services such as food drives, Toys for Tots, baby shower for mothers in need, pop tops collection for the Ronald McDonald House and Dress for Success. Our students participate in reconciliation each semester, Christian Leadership Awards Program for students who exhibit a Christ-like attitude, daily Mass, October and May Recitation of the Rosary, Blessing of the Throats, Ash Wednesday, Crowning of Mary, during the Lenten season they are taken through an in depth tour of the Stations of The Cross and in June the Dedication of Family to the Sacred Heart.

Student Faith Formation
Our classes attend daily Mass. Our students receive religion classes daily. The academy participates in monthly religious theme activities. Our classes also participate in art and writing contests about our faith. We begin every day in communal prayer so as to offer our day to our Lord. The Pastors and Deacons of our parishes visit our classes to discuss our faith on a personal level.

Parent Faith Formation
Our parents participate in community service in our school, after receiving VIRTUS training. There is a religious component to every weekly parent Communication Day notice. Parents can participate and guide their child in the Family Life component. Parents who are present participate in our morning communal prayers. Parents are always invited to attend Mass with our students, and our students thank the Lord for their parents at a monthly there is a mass in their honor.

Faculty Faith Formation
Our faculty enhances spirituality through LLF courses, which in turn enhances the spirituality of the students. There are key faculty members who make up the CISA committee . The CISA committee is responsible for researching and choosing the agencies that the academy will provide community service to.