21st Century Parent Meeting

Hello Parents/Guardians:

Topic: 21st Century Parent Meeting

On Thursday, Nov. 12 at 4pm, we will have a Parent Orientation Meeting in regards to the PSW 21st Century after-school program. Remote activities will begin remotely as we wait for DOH approval. We hope that you can join us!

Time: Nov 12, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 889 1670 5149
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        +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
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Meeting ID: 889 1670 5149

Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kb5LB1w4XR

Virtual Open School Night Zoom Links

Dear Parents,


Thursday October 1st will be our Virtual Open School Night.  The evening will begin with parents logging into a Zoom webinar with the principal in order to review school policies.  Afterwards, parents will log off with the principal and log into either a Zoom Meeting for grades Nursery through third grade or a Zoom webinar for fourth through eighth grades.  Below are the links for the principal meeting and the individual teacher meetings. Principal meeting will begin at 6:15 pm. Teacher meetings will begin at 6:45 pm.


Please use the link below for direct access to the meetings.  If the link does not open, please copy and paste it in your address bar. 


We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Ms. Donato



Zoom Links


Principal Link:


Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Webinar ID: 842 0692 8287





Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 978 4889 2361

Passcode: hpDn58




Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 793 6460 4326
Passcode: 081372



First Grade:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 422 582 6570
Passcode: 9MxNMb



Second Grade:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 739 6834 2831
Passcode: 2grade



Third Grade:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 644 332 6045
Passcode: icecream


Fourth & Fifth Grade:


Please click the link below to join the webinar:


Webinar ID: 883 5879 0434



JHS (sixth, seventh, & eighth grades):


Please click the link below to join the webinar:





Queridos padres,


El jueves 1 de octubre será nuestra Noche de Escuela Virtual Abierta. La noche comenzará con los padres iniciando sesión en un seminario web Zoom con el director para revisar las políticas de la escuela. Posteriormente, los padres cerrarán la sesión con el director e iniciarán una reunión de Zoom para los grados de Nursery a tercer grado o un seminario web de Zoom para los de cuarto a octavo grado. A continuación se encuentran los enlaces para la reunión del director y las reuniones individuales de los maestros. La reunión del director comenzará a las 6:15 pm. Las reuniones de maestros comenzarán a las 6:45 pm.


Utilice el enlace a continuación para acceder directamente a las reuniones. Si el enlace no se abre, cópielo y péguelo en su barra de direcciones.


¡Esperamos verte el jueves!

Sra. Donato



Enlaces de Zoom


Enlace Principal:


Haga clic en el enlace siguiente para unirse al seminario web:


ID del seminario web: 842 0692 8287



Guardería / Prekindergarten:


Unirse a la reunión de Zoom:


ID de Reunión: 978 4889 2361

Código de Acceso: hpDn58





Únase a la reunión de Zoom:


ID de Reunión: 793 6460 4326
Código de Acceso: 081372


Primer Grado:


Únase a la reunión de Zoom:


ID de Reunión: 422 582 6570
Código de Acceso: 9MxNMb



Segundo grado:


Únase a la reunión de Zoom:


ID de Reunión: 739 6834 2831
Código de Acceso: 2grade



Tercer Grado:


Únase a la reunión de Zoom:


ID de Reunión: 644 332 6045
Código de Acceso:  icecream



Cuarto y Quinto grado:


Haga clic en el enlace siguiente para unirse al seminario web:


ID del seminario web: 883 5879 0434



JHS (sexto, séptimo y octavo grados):


Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para unirse al seminario web:







Important Things to Remember for Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Good morning SRCA Family,


Thank you to all parents and students who began last week.  The arrival and dismissal procedures went very smooth and that was due in part to your help by preparing your child each morning for school!!  To continue to ensure we are staying safe and following the proper protocols, please read and follow the procedures below. 


  • Arrival
    • Continue to send in the signed affirmation form (daily health screening) with your child every day. They will NOT be allowed in the classroom without the signed form.  Extra forms were given to your child on their first day of school.  Forms can be found on the school website.


  • Dismissal
    • When picking up your child, please do not stand by the door where your child is getting picked up. This is prohibiting the teacher and students to remain socially distanced when they are outside.
    • Do not enter the building and grab your child off the line. Please allow the teachers to follow the dismissal protocols we have set in place for your child’s safety.


  • Snacks
    • Since we have changed our dismissal time to 1:30 pm every day, you child will have an opportunity to have a snack during the day. It is a light snack and not a full lunch.  The following snacks are NOT allowed.
      • NO candy, gum, popcorn, and soda
      • NO sugary drinks or juices for grades 4-8.
    • Students should be in a water bottle since the water fountains are closed for safety reasons.
    • During gym days, students should bring in an extra water bottle and/or a Gatorade or Vitamin water.


Any concerns, please let me know!


Enjoy the remainder of this beautiful day!

Ms. Donato

First Three Days of School Update

Dear SRCA Families,

We are two days away from our first three days of school.  What an exciting time!!  The faculty and staff have been hard at work preparing their classrooms for your child(ren) arrival.  Below is the name of your child’s teacher, room number and building entrance.  In addition, photos were sent to parent’s individual emails.  The photos taken show

  • your child’s classroom where each desk has been distanced 6 feet apart.
  • how every bathroom has a hand sanitizer station located outside
  • stairs are labeled with up and down arrows to ensure one direction flow of traffic occurs in a smooth and efficient way.
  • the hallways have social distance markers placed on the floors of both buildings.


Teacher Information

Nursery & Prekindergarten

  • Teacher: Ms. LaRocca
  • Room number: 103
  • Building entrance: Jerome Street entrance at 7:30 – 7:40 am on Monday September 14, 2020



  • Teacher: Ms. Acosta
  • Room numbers: 102 and 104
  • Building entrance: Jerome Street entrance at 7:30 – 7:40 am on Friday September 11, 2020


First Grade

  • Teacher: Ms. Evans
  • Room number: 105 and 106
  • Building entrance: Jerome Street entrance at 7:30 – 7:40 am on Friday September 11, 2020


Second Grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. Martinez
  • Room number: 203 and 204
  • Building entrance: Liberty Avenue entrance at 7:30 – 7:40 am on Friday September 11, 2020


Third Grade

  • Teacher: Ms. Kay
  • Room number: 201 and 202
  • Building entrance: Liberty Avenue entrance at 7:30 – 7:40 am on Thursday September 10, 2020


Fourth Grade

  • Teacher: Mrs. Perez
  • Room number: 302 and 303
  • Building entrance: Liberty Avenue entrance at 7:40 – 7:55 am on Thursday September 10, 2020


Fifth Grade

  • Teacher: Ms. Core
  • Room number: 301 and 304
  • Building entrance: Liberty Avenue entrance at 7:40 – 7:55 am on Thursday September 10, 2020


Sixth Grade

  • Teacher: Ms. Joly
  • Room number: 202 and 203
  • Building entrance: Jerome Street entrance at 7:40 – 7:55 am on Wednesday September 9, 2020


Seventh Grade

  • Teacher: TBA
  • Room number: 204 and 206
  • Building entrance: Jerome Street entrance at 7:40 – 7:55 am on Wednesday September 9, 2020


Eighth Grade

  • Teacher: Ms. Jones (8A) and Ms. DePena (8B)
  • Room number: 8A: 303 and 305        8B: 302 and 304
  • Building entrance: Jerome Street entrance at 7:40 – 7:55 am on Wednesday September 9, 2020


Once a student arrives to their classroom, the teacher will greet your child and show your child where they are to be seated.  Eighth grade students will be greeted by their teachers once they reach the third floor.  Their homeroom teacher will tell them what classroom to go to and where to sit.


Affirmation Form

We are still in the process of creating the app through the OptionC Parent Portal.  That should be up and running within the first full or second week of school.  For now, your child will receive a paper form.  Please answer the three questions on the paper and return to school signed by a parent or guardian the first day and every day thereafter until the app is ready to launch.  Your child will be given extra copies of the paper by their teacher the first day they enter the building.


If the student comes to school without the letter, then they will be sent to a separate area of the building until a parent is reached and is able to affirm.


Please remember to affirm your child EVERYDAY.


Parent Daily Health Screening



Looking forward to seeing you again,

Ms. Donato



PLEASE READ!!! …NEW Dismissal TIME for September!

Dear SRCA Families,


We are fast approaching the first day of the new school year.  With a successful reopening comes, sometimes comes adjustments, in order to provide a safe and successful reopening.  With that being said, the Diocese has recommended Catholic Schools and Academies change their dismissal time to 1:30 pm, instead of 3:00 pm.  This new guidance will allow


  • Students to reduce the number of hours that they are wearing their facial covering
  • For adequate cleaning and disinfecting to take place
  • For the reduction of the amount of time students are in a classroom, during the warm months of September and October


Lunch will still be provided.  However, it will be a Grab n’ Go lunch instead.  Once students are dismissed, they will be able to grab their lunch, before exiting the building and eat it at home.  The lunch will still be a cold lunch, with either a sandwich or wrap, salad, fruit and milk.


ONLY students who are enrolled in the 21st Century or SONYC Program will be able to stay until their program begins at 3:00 pm.  Students will have the opportunity to eat their Grab N’ Go lunch or their own lunch from home. Once they finish their lunch, they will be expected to work on their homework, until their program begins.


The 1:30 pm dismissal time will begin the week of September 14th.  The new dismissal time will be re-evaluated after the first trimester.


Below are the new times dismissal will take place.





1:30 pm Nursery and Prekindergarten Small school yard at the double brown doors
1:35 pm Kindergarten Four doors on Jerome Street entrance
1:40 pm First Four doors on Jerome Street entrance






1:30 pm Second Liberty Avenue Front entrance
1:35 pm Fourth Liberty Avenue Front entrance
1:40 pm Third Warwick Street exit door
1:45 pm Fifth Warwick Street exit door






1:30 pm Sixth Black gate on Liberty Avenue
1:35 pm Seventh Black gate on Liberty Avenue
1:40 pm Eighth Black gate on Liberty Avenue



Any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Many Blessings,

Ms. Donato

Additional Parent Meetings for the St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy

Dear SRCA Parents,

The message below was sent to parents who couldn’t access the parent meeting webinar on Friday August 21st in regards to the St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Catholic Academy.  Please read below.  The Diocese has added other webinars to help rectify this situation. Also, all sessions will be simulcast and available via Facebook Live with unlimited viewership live, and in replay.  Any questions, please let me know.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!

Ms. Donato



Hello parents,

Thank you for registering for the August 21st webinar regarding the St Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program.

We are aware that today’s session on ZOOM was overbooked, and many parents were not able to enter the ZOOM meeting as scheduled. 

Please accept our sincere apologies if you were unable to view today’s webinar.

The response and registration for the information sessions has been unprecedented.  The cause of the overbooking has been resolved as we move forward with additional meetings.

To help provide you with the information covered, and an opportunity to join a live session, additional webinars have been added, and the recordings will be made available on the website early next week.

Updated and additional webinars:

(*FYI – the announced session on Monday 8/24 at 6pm is registered at capacity)

Also, the program’s website contains information, FAQ’s and a contact us link for specific and personal questions.   Please visit  https://stthomasaquinasbq.org/ or email info@stthomasaquinasbq.org

In closing, we apologize again for the inconvenience if you were unable to attend today’s session and hope to connect with you on Monday or Tuesday for a new session and answer your questions.