Academic Excellence

students from Salve Regina Catholic Academy

Common Core Standards
Our teachers work to ensure the Common Core State Standards are infused with Gospel values. They integrate elements of Catholic identity into the Common Core State Standards. Our teachers understand the need to go beyond the Common Core State Standards in order to educate the whole child.

21st Century Skills
Our students are prepared to think creatively, critically, and to problem-solve. They are taught to use their communication skills and to collaborate with others in order create. We recognize the need for preparing our students with skills for living in the world. We emphasize digital citizenship, life and career skills, and personal and social responsibility.

Effective Instruction
Our teachers are trained and continue to receive professional development to create learning environments where the characteristics of effective instruction are prevalent. Our classrooms are student centered where students are directly involved and share a vested interest in their knowledge and through collaboration and cooperation, students are accountable and engaged in challenging learning. Our students are empowered to construct new learning through acquired knowledge and develop critical thinking skills that may be applied in the future.

Students engage in a variety of activities with the goal of reaching the higher levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Teachers use formative assessment to guide the instruction. Learning targets, examples, and models of strong and weak work, regular descriptive feedback, and the ability to self-assess, track learning, and set goals are ways teachers assess learning. In order to meet the Common Core State Standards, lessons are demanding and challenge students. Because learners process and comprehend information in a variety of ways, our teachers use various teaching strategies and classroom activities to respond to different learning styles.

Gospel Values
We teach as Christ taught us with love and kindness. Our teaching is Christ centered, family and student oriented that follow the teachings of church documents.

students from Salve Regina Catholic Academy