A Message from PDHP School Counselor, Mrs. Peggy Pinto

April Showers brings May Flowers


May 4, 2020


To the Salve Regina Catholic Community,


Within the past few months, we have certainly seen our share of showers. Often those showers are viewed as an inconvenience, it prevents us from doing the things we need to do or would like to do. However, I am challenging you to think about this differently, Showers of rain is essential to the environment, it clears the air, fills the streams, rivers and lakes it allows plants to grow, it is essential to our existence.

And like the April showers, I want to remind the parents, educators and students that you are ESSENTIAL. You are essential to each other, so I encourage each and every one to do something different this week and reach out to someone you might not speak to regularly or maybe not at all and say “Hello”, spark a dialogue and create a new relationship. Let us support each other, “No man is an Island” – We are in this together.


“The Family is the First Essential cell of human society.”- Pope John XXIII

Mrs. Peggy Pinto

PDHP School Counselor